Basket Molded Ricotta

Sold by whole wheel, 3/4 pound.

Creamy, sweet... delicious. 

Each wheel is hand ladled into basket molds that allow the whey, the liquid, to drain from the curd producing a firm texture that can be sliced, but is soft enough to blend when mixed with other ingredients. 

Made with whole milk and unsalted, this is an incredibly versatile fresh cheese.  

Serving suggestions:

Breakfast, served with granola, drizzled with honey.

Lunch, crumbled on salad.

Dinner, add to your favorite quiche recipe.


Shipping note:

It is best to have your cheese delivered within 48 hours.  If you select UPS as your option, ground service is best for ME, MA, VT, NH, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, OH, WV, VA, DC.  For all other states, UPS 2nd day will guarantee delivery.   USPS Priority mail is delivered in 2 days in most of the country, but it is NOT a guaranteed delivery time.

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Basket Molded Ricotta

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